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Saturday in Paris heard Pakistan Air Force’s JF-17’s Thunder as they started their drills for the display on the 53rd Paris Air Show. The show is due to start on the 17th of June. It will go on until the 23rd of this month at Paris’ Le Bourget Airport.

Three JF-17’s will participate in this installment of the Air Show. One PAF JF-17 will perform an aerial display while another will be on static display. The static display variant will showcase the full arsenal of weapons it can carry.

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JF-17 from Black Panther Squadron

Yesterday, the aerial demo team practiced a variety of maneuvers to practice for the day of action.

It is Pakistan’s pride that the JF-17’s aerial display will be one of the highlights of the air show. It also makes it easier for potential customers to assess the abilities and potential of the JF-17 as a versatile fighter.

The Paris Air Show is considered as the world’s largest aerospace exhibition. It is organized by French Aerospace Industries Association and it has the most number of exhibitors and has the largest exhibition space.

Let your friends know about this

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