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Flying is the dream of almost every kid in his childhood. It is an extremely sophisticated business and needs a lot of dedication and most importantly, strong financial background. Towering costs of flying lessons shattered the dreams of many people. BUT we have come across a flight school in Pakistan that is offering free flying lessons for Microlight and Light Sports Category Flying. YES, you read it right, FREE FLYING LESSONS. Yes, that’s right, it’s not a scholarship unlike other flight schools globally that offer scholarships, it’s totally free of cost for everyone who was unable to bear skyrocketing costs of flying lessons.

Pakistan is the Pioneer in Offering totally Free of Cost Flying

This flight academy is based at Walton Aerodrome in the capital city of Punjab Province i.e. Lahore. The Executive management mutually announced FREE flying lessons for all of its member who holds a valid Student Pilot License and Class 2 Medical Certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan. This Announcement was made on its 1st Anniversary.

The name of this flight school is Z4 Ultralight Sports & Recreational Flying Club and has a fleet of two light sport category airplanes i.e. Rans S6 Coyote II and Zodiac XL 601. Both of the aircraft are American made kits. To join this flight school, you don’t have to sell any of your assets to live your dream. All you need is;

  1. Membership of flight school which costs as low as 60 $ ~ 6000 PKR per year.
  2. A valid Class 2 Medical certificate from Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.
  3. A valid Student Pilot License issued by Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

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CFI’s Interview

These are the basic requirements that are mentioned by the club. The Operations Manager and Chief Flying Instructor of this academy Capt. Muhammad Faheem gave spoke to AVIATION GEEKS and he has announced that Z4  aims to be the club of a common man, Flying will never be out of the reach of any person who dreams to fly, He also mentioned that every practice at Z4 Ultralight Sports & Recreational Flying Club is strictly followed according to the Civil Aviation Rules 1994 which mentions that Light Sports Category Aircraft cannot be used for any commercial purpose which includes passenger travel, aerial works etc. Capt. Faheem also made an announcement that every student at Z4  will get a FREE meal after completing every flying lesson.


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