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The aviation enthusiasts always love to know about their local pilots. They would love to talk to the pilots either on their flight or interact with them on social media. As the pilots are the coolest personalities in aviation industry, we would like to introduce you with the 5 coolest pilots of Pakistan.

1) Safi Shahid

Safi Shahid or Pilot Safi is famous for his GoPro Inflight videos. He has done extraordinary work in his videos in the past few months. No other pilot made HD videos from the flight deck of an airliner before in the history of Pakistan Aviation.

Safi is currently working as a first officer with Airblue and is currently the youngest Jet pilot in Pakistan with A320/A321 type rating. Interact with Safi directly on his Facebook page (PilotSafi) or on Instagram (Pilotsafi_553).

2) Awais Ali Shah

Another name in the coolest pilots category is Awais Ali Shah. He is a former flight instructor with Airborne flying club. Awais is the most coolest pilot in Pakistan with zero ego level. He loves to guide the young aviation enthusiasts without any hesitation.

Awais is a First officer with Pakistan International Airlines.

3) Shahzeb Khan

Introducing now is a senior flight instructor of Lahore flying club. Shahzeb placed his name in this list with his tremendous aerial photography and GoPro videos. A person can easily meet him at Walton Aerodome. He always welcomes the guidance seekers.


4) Usman Khan

At the age most people dreaming about flying, Usman became the Safety Flight Instructor. He is currently working with USFC. Usman is famous for his marvelous style. Last year he trained the famous Pakistan actor Hamza Ali Abbasi for flying under his supervision.

5) Salehyar Janjua

Last but not the least, Captain Salehyar Janjua was famous for his flight deck videos. His videos described the beauty of the Northern areas of Pakistan.

Captain Salehyar was working with PIA on ATR42/72. Sadly he is no more with us. He embraced martyrdom in the flight that crashed near Islamabad in 2016 (PK661).


Let your friends know about this

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