Largest PIA's Super Constellation model

Largest PIA's Super Constellation model

1:14th scale Lockheed L1049H Super Constellation RC flying model that was built by use actual factory drawings. This is scratch built model. Plans were developed at this scale in a designing software and were printed on large plotter. R&D took 3 years to get all the data needed for this model before a single part was cut. Model took 7 years to build. Model Specs: Length: 8 feet Wingspan: 9 feet Height: 22 Inches Weight RTF: 25 lbs Powerplant: 4 x Brushless electric motors Props: Master Airscrew 4 x 3 blade 13x7 Servos: 22 different types. Maiden flight: 2.5 years ago. One circuit and landed Flew beautifully, no bad habits or tendencies.

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